Optical network: Security old driver takes you to understand professional industrial switches


Compared with ordinary switches, industrial switches have enhanced functions on the basis of common switches, and the port configuration and product series are more abundant and flexible, which can meet the needs of various industrial fields. Widely used in smart transportation, security monitoring, wind power photovoltaic, coal mine and other fields. In particular, electricity, transportation, and metallurgy are known as the three potential industries for industrial switch applications. Today we will talk about the performance advantages of industrial switches.
Advantages of industrial switches:
1, strong anti-interference performance
Industrial switches have strong anti-jamming functions, such as lightning protection, waterproof, anti-corrosion, anti-static, etc., and commercial switches do not have these functions. The optical network view industrial switch has the lightning protection capability of the 6KV service port and the IP40 protection level.
2, the use of industrial grade components
Industrial switches have high requirements on the components of the products and can withstand the test of harsh environments, so they can better adapt to the industrial environment and support industrial applications in various harsh environments.
3, wide temperature work
Industrial switches generally use metal casings, which have good heat dissipation and strong protection. They can basically work in the temperature range of -45~+75°C, and can adapt to complex temperature and humidity, but the working range of commercial switches is relatively relatively high. narrow. Optical network depends on the industrial switch's wide operating temperature range of -40 to +80 °C.
4, fast ring network, fast redundancy
Industrial switches generally have a fast ring network and redundant functions with a redundancy time of less than 20ms. Although commercial products can also form a redundant network, the healing time is more than 10-30s, and the time is too long to meet the industrial environment.
5, redundant power supply design
Power supply is a very important part of industrial switches. Power failures generally account for more than 35% of equipment failure rates. To avoid the trouble of power failure, industrial switches use dual power supply redundancy to ensure stable and reliable operation. Commercial products generally use AC single-supply power supply, which is not suitable for industrial environments.
6, long service life
Industrial switches use industrial-grade solutions from the outer casing to the components, so the reliability of the products is higher, the use failure is longer, generally more than 10 years, and the service life of ordinary commercial switches is roughly 3-5 years.
The main metrics for choosing an industrial switch:
1, reliability
Reliability is critical in an industrial field environment. The factors related to product reliability are: equipment hardware tolerance to the working environment: such as operating temperature range, EMC electromagnetic compatibility, lightning protection level, installation and power supply mode, fanless design, redundancy, fault diagnosis and Resilience and so on. In the parameter description of the product, there should be a detailed description of the operating temperature range, electromagnetic protection, and lightning protection level.
2, real-time
Network data transmission will generate a certain delay. Therefore, the first consideration for selecting an industrial Ethernet switch is the port delay of the switch during data frame forwarding. In a standard factory automation control system, the system can tolerate a response time of no more than 10 milliseconds. Therefore, when selecting a switch, you should be aware that the switch port delay should not exceed 10 microseconds.
3, compatibility
Industrial Ethernet switches and other Industrial Ethernet components should be able to communicate using the standard TCP/IP protocol. Under no circumstances should there be any incompatibility between Industrial Ethernet devices and commercial Ethernet devices. For different industrial fieldbus solutions, Industrial Ethernet devices should have the corresponding capabilities and compatibility.

Optical Network has been a PEE switch for 16 years and has built a video transmission equipment and overall solution provider for the IoT platform. It has a wide product line and flexible port configuration. It can meet the needs of various industrial control fields and is widely used in transportation, power, metallurgy, Petrochemical, environmental protection, energy, construction, military and civilian integration and other fields.

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