In-depth innovation and development strategy, the four parties cooperate to build Sichuan Meifeng Polymer Materials Industry Research Center


On May 21, 2019, Sichuan Meifeng Chemical Co., Ltd. issued "On with Sichuan University (School of Polymer Science and Engineering), Shehong County People's Government, Suining Science and Technology Bureau, signed <about co-construction" Meifeng Advanced Announcement of the "Cooperation Agreement for Polymer Materials Industry Research Base". The company said that the signing of the agreement is beneficial to the company to rely on the research base to vigorously carry out scientific research and development, technical training, and transformation of results, to achieve effective integration of teaching and research and transformation and development of the company, in line with the long-term common interests of all shareholders of the company.

In order to further implement the innovation-driven development strategy, promote the organic combination of university science and technology resources and local economic construction, and promote the development of the material industry, together with Sichuan University (School of Polymer Science and Engineering), Shehong County People's Government, Suining Science and Technology Bureau Negotiation, in line with the principle of "resource sharing, complementary advantages, practical results, and common development", decided to build Meifeng Advanced Polymer Materials Industry Research Base. On May 20th, Sifang signed a cooperation agreement on the construction of Meifeng Advanced Polymer Materials Industry Research Base in Deyang City, and awarded the license on the spot.

Signing ceremony site Signing ceremony site

The announcement shows that the research base office space will be located in the company's location, including but not limited to the development and application of functional membranes, the development and application of strategic emerging materials, and the development of natural gas fine chemical products. The company will organize technical exchanges and seminars from time to time. The company is responsible for the organization and development of the activities. Sichuan University is responsible for collecting information on relevant scientific and technological projects, so that the two sides can carry out more project cooperation.

Quartet on-site signing Quartet on-site signing
On-site licensing On-site licensing

According to the agreement, the research center will set up a total of more than 10 million yuan. The company will provide more than 6 million yuan of special funds for the research center within five years. The special funds will be allocated in proportion to the research center budget and implementation progress of the research center, and will be fully paid in place. The budget for the first year of the project is not less than 20% of the total funding for the five years. The municipal and county governments have given project funds to support more than 2 million yuan of platform research and special funds.

Signing ceremony site Signing ceremony site

Secretary of the Party Committee of the College of Polymer Science and Engineering, Sichuan University, Fu Deqiang, Dean of the University of Suining, Han Li, Deputy Director of the Suining Municipal Government Office, Xiao Xiaobing, Director of the Science and Technology Bureau of Suining City, Deputy Secretary of the Shehong County Committee, Zhang Wei, County Magistrate, Yin Quanjun, Deputy County Magistrate Luo Aimin, President Chen Li attended the signing ceremony to witness the signing and licensing; Professor and Professor of Polymer Science and Engineering College of Sichuan University, responsible person of relevant functional department of Shehong County, company executives and headquarters functional departments, directly affiliated institutions, and shooting points The relevant person in charge of the company attended the signing ceremony. Luo Hongmin, deputy magistrate of Shehong County, held a signing ceremony.

Reading volume: Source: Mei Fung plus blue AdBlue Author: Yue Feng

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