Voith boosts Zigong Haotong Nengda, five sets of liberation big card standard retarder


On March 22, 2019, it was learned that Sichuan Zigong Nengda Logistics Co., Ltd. purchased 5 sets of Jiefang J6P6 X4 heavy-duty tractors equipped with Voith hydraulic retarders from Zigong Feichi Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd. at one time.

Purchase 5 sets of liberation J6P6X4 heavy-duty tractors equipped with Voith hydraulic retarders at one time Purchase 5 sets of liberation J6P6X4 heavy-duty tractors equipped with Voith hydraulic retarders at one time

The liberation J6P tractor of the new equipment of the company can be equipped with the Voith hydraulic retarder VR 115CT. The retarder is a hydraulic retarder optimized for Chinese trucks and buses, and will also be available to the global market. The product adopts a parallel installation structure and integrates many of Voith's most advanced technologies in the industry. It is the first hydraulic retarder developed for Chinese users. The retarder not only has high braking power, high braking torque, but also light weight, low power loss, and can realize downhill cruise fixed speed function, which can greatly improve the safety, economy, comfort and environmental protection of the truck. .

“Our company took the lead in mass-purchasing large trucks with hydraulic retarders in the city. The physical cooling of external showers was controlled by internal mechanical intelligence. When the trucks were downhill, there was no need to brake on the brakes. Not only the handling performance and safety protection were greatly improved, but also In terms of reducing vehicle weight, saving watering and filling fees, reducing brake pads and tire wear, etc., it is more environmentally friendly and efficient to increase vehicle operating income,” said Xiong Shouqiang, general manager of the company.

Equipped with Voith hydraulic retarder VR 115CT Equipped with Voith hydraulic retarder VR 115CT

Voith's technical experts were invited to provide systematic and comprehensive training for the driver to ensure that each driver is skilled in using the Voith hydraulic retarder. At present, all five new heavy trucks have been put into use!

The mountainous rivers in western China have complicated road conditions. For a long time, Chinese truck drivers have faced various dangerous driving environments every day. Until recently, Chinese trucks had not mandated the assembly of retarders. The more stringent road safety regulations and environmental regulations implemented since 2015 have changed this situation, a revolution that makes roads safer. Mechanical failure is the second major truck accident after human error, and brake failure is often the main cause.

Liberation J6P6X4 Liberation J6P6X4

Where is the solution? To ensure maximum safety and optimum braking, Chinese truck manufacturers and users have chosen to use the Voith VR 115CT hydraulic retarder. Trucks equipped with this retarder can effectively cope with the complicated road conditions in the western region. As the inventor and market leader of hydraulic retarders, Voith hydraulic retarders have become synonymous with wear-free continuous braking for trucks and buses. Whether it's low speed or high speed, it guarantees the best braking and provides maximum safety in any driving situation.

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