Intelligent automatic glass cutting machine allows glass cutting without problems


In recent years, we have seen the rapid development of science and technology in our great motherland. This made me feel extremely proud for me as a Chinese. With the advancement of technology and the progress of people, we will join the Chinese cutting machine trading network to make progress together. Join the hotline, we look forward to your call. Details:/
Pujinli's series of products are suitable for large and medium-sized glass processing companies and door and window companies. They are professional flat glass processing tools. The company currently develops straight-lined and profiled flat glass cutting machines, which are also equipped with semi-automatic and fully automatic loading tables. The product has a number of advantages: to reduce business problems, the computer is equipped with a special database, you can freely cut special glass, so that cutting is no problem. Save time and cost, the machine runs fast, with an average of 2 pieces per minute, which can greatly improve work efficiency and there is no absenteeism. Save raw material costs, cutting software using the latest European algorithm, running fast, high optimization rate, cutting program the most scientific. The cost of training can be saved, and all smart operations can be performed. Workers do not need professional training, saving 3-6 months of training time. Save on labor costs, save more than 50% of the man-hour cost, and eliminate the need to calculate typesetting professionals. Good product consistency, especially for the production of hollow glass and glass edging and other glass processing 2 times. The cost of using the product is extremely low, and there is no need to worry about routine maintenance such as adding lubricants. Laser scanning, automatic positioning, convenient labor-saving editing: kunshanwl


Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate (SDIC) widely applied for the sterilization of swimming pool and drinking water, or fighting against infectious diseases, or act as disinfectant in raising silkworm, livestock, poultry and fish. Other applications of SDIC are found in wool shrinkage, textile bleaching, and industrial circulating water cleaning. SDIC is normally supplied in powder and granular, tablets are also available on request. Stabilised chlorine granular (dichlor) are used very widely to chlorinate swimming pool water. The product has high efficiency and constant performance and has no harm to human beings.

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