All-hydraulic and mechanical struggle becomes history


Lu Xun said: "There is no road in the world, and many people who have gone have become roads." The situation mentioned in this statement belongs to the past. In modern society, people are pursuing efficiency and quality. Meet the needs. As a result, the highway came into being.

Figure 1: Trinity roller under construction

Road construction is inseparable from the roller, but for a long time, the road construction unit often encounters a selection problem when purchasing the roller—whether it is full hydraulic or mechanical. Which is more reliable? In fact, the data shows the most problem. From January to August this year, who is the most eye-catching in the road machinery market? The non-trivial one is the largest sales of its 20/22T all-hydraulic single drum roller. What are the fascinating "black technologies" of the Sany Roller? In no hurry, let us uncover the truth behind the "black technology" of Sany!

Figure 2: Trinity roller under construction

Truth: Who does it work fast?

As a construction party, the construction period is a benefit, and the quality of construction equipment directly affects the progress of the project. Roller, the most typical construction feature is the need to repeatedly roll back and forth. This puts forward the requirements for the efficiency of the roller turning back and forth.

Trinity hydraulic roller has stepless speed change, no need to wait for steering, can quickly turn, forward and backward, and mechanical roller in the steering, you need to step on the brake, step on clutch, shift, loose clutch, at least 3 to 5 seconds time. Calculating at a speed of 30 meters at a speed of 5 km/h, it takes 21.61 seconds for each pressure to be used by the Sany-Hydraulic roller, and 21.61+4=25.61 seconds for the mechanical type, and the hydraulic construction efficiency increases by 15.6%.

Truth 2: Who's eating less?

At present, the national environmental protection policy is increasingly strict. In particular, since the beginning of this year, local environmental protection law enforcement has been unprecedented. In some areas, registration and inspection of construction machinery used in new construction projects have begun. Excess emissions will be investigated and banned in accordance with the law. It can be said whether equipment is energy-saving and environmental protection has become an important factor directly affecting the vital interests of users.

The Trinity hydraulic roller has no impact on running and the power output is smooth without any sudden changes. The displacement is controllable and the fuel consumption is low. The commutation impact of the mechanical transmission is large and the power output changes greatly, especially at the moment of starting, a black smoke will be emitted from the exhaust pipe. On the site of the Guangxi Zangliu High-speed Section D, through comparison tests, the fuel consumption of the Sany single drive roller is 18.77L/h, and the mechanical type of a certain brand is 20.58L/h. The hydraulic single drive of the Sany hydraulics can save 10%.

Truth 3: Who is safer?

Safety responsibility is more important than Mount Tai. Any machinery must be constructed on the premise of ensuring safety, so that benefits can be discussed.

The Trinity hydraulic roller has triple protection for driving, parking and tight stop. The use of pumps and motors are interchangeable, the transmission method is simple, and the energy is increased, which can solve the racing phenomenon. At the same time, parking brakes, anti-locking settings, etc., to ensure a higher safety factor and higher reliability. Mechanical rollers have complicated pipelines and require frequent use of brakes. In the long term, the temperature of metal parts is too high, friction is weakened, and failures are high. There are certain safety risks.

Truth 4: Who is better to feed?

Listening to some users often, some devices are "affordable and can't afford it," because follow-up maintenance is too laborious, too expensive, and delays the schedule. Therefore, a good equipment, the later maintenance is equally important.

The Hydraulic System of the Sanyue Hydraulic Press is simple, easy to maintain, and basically maintenance-free. The mechanical structure and system are complex, requiring regular drainage, buttering the drive shaft, and regular replacement of wearing parts. In contrast, the hydraulic type is more convenient and more comfortable to use.

Truth 5: Who better to open?

Today's operators are mostly dominated by 80s and 90s. In the operation of driving, they will pursue more comfort.

The Sanyue hydraulic roller adopts a hydraulic single lever operation to achieve forward and backward operation. The operation is simpler and more convenient and easy to use. In this way, the owner is more likely to recruit operators and labor costs are lower. "Smooth, safe, and simple to operate" is a universal evaluation given to operators who have used the Sany Hydraulic Press. Mechanical roller clutch, brake, handbrake, shift, a lot, cumbersome operation, the operator's requirements are also high.

Truth 6: Who is good at work?

Quality is the foundation of engineering construction. Compaction flatness is one of the criteria for evaluating pavement construction. In the increasingly fierce competition in the project today, the construction quality of excellence will be an important weight to win the project.

The Sany all-hydraulic roller started smoothly and the road surface was compacted, eliminating the need for workers to repair the local road surface. The mechanical roller has a large starting shock and indentation on the road surface, which affects the construction quality.

Truth 7: Who is really good and cheap?

The Trinity 20/22T hydraulic single drum roller is a classic product that has been continuously improved and perfected by several generations. From the perspective of fuel consumption, labor, and post-maintenance, it can create more than the mechanical tonnage mechanical roller in the industry every year. The value of 50,000 yuan, therefore, countless powder, the market sales rose sharply, which is enough to prove that the full hydraulic roller has become a trend! (This article is from Trinity)

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The details are as follow,.

1. Security:
1.1 Corrosive media: the choice of plastic valve solenoid valve and stainless steel; for the corrosive medium must use isolation diaphragm. Example CD-F.Z3CF. Neutral medium, copper alloy should also be used as the valve material of the solenoid valve, otherwise, the valve shell often rust off, especially when the action is not frequent. Ammonia valves can not use copper.
1.2 Explosive environment: you must choose the appropriate level of explosion-proof products, open-air installation or dust should be more occasions use waterproof, dustproof varieties.
3, the nominal pressure solenoid valve should exceed the maximum working pressure in the tube.
Second, the applicability:
2. Media characteristics
2.1 The gas, liquid or mixed state were selected different types of solenoid valve, such as ZQDF for air, ZQDF-Y for liquid, ZQDF-2 (or -3) for steam, otherwise easy to cause malfunction. ZDF series of multi-function solenoid valve is available in the gas. Liquid. The best time to state the media state, the installation users do not have to adjust.
2.2 Different medium temperature product specifications, or the coil will burn, seal aging, seriously affect the life of life.
2.3 Medium viscosity, usually below 50cSt. If more than this value, diameter greater than 15mm with ZDF series of multi-function solenoid valve for special order. Path less than 15mm set high viscosity solenoid valve.
2.4 Media cleanliness should be equipped with a recoil filter valve in front of the solenoid valve, the pressure is low fashion can choose direct acting diaphragm solenoid valve for example CD-P.
2.5 If the medium is directional and does not allow backflow ZDF-N and ZQDF-N need to be used in both directions, please make a special request.
2.6 medium temperature should be selected within the allowable range of the solenoid valve.
3. Pipeline parameters
3.1 According to the requirements of medium flow and pipe connection options valve port and model. For example, the small diameter selection CA5 and Z3F for one pipe to two pipes, ZDF-Z1 / 2 for medium or large diameters. Another example is the control of the convergence of two pipelines, please choose ZDF-Z2 / 1.
3.2 According to the flow and the valve Kv value selected nominal diameter, but also optional with the pipe diameter. Please note that some manufacturers are not marked with Kv value, often the size of the valve hole is smaller than the interface diameter, must not be greedy price low and misleading.
3.3 working pressure
Minimum working pressure differential above 0.04Mpa is optional indirect pilot; Minimum working pressure close to or less than zero must be used direct or step direct.
4. Environmental conditions
4.1 The maximum and minimum temperature of the environment should be selected within the allowable range, if any special orders for overcommitment proposed.
4.2 Ambient high relative humidity and rain drops and other occasions, the election should be waterproof solenoid valve
4.3 The environment often vibration, bump and impact occasions should choose a special variety, such as marine electromagnetic valve.
4.4 In a corrosive or explosive environment should give priority to use according to the safety requirements of corrosion resistance
4.5 If the environmental space is limited, please use multi-function solenoid valve, because it eliminates the need for bypass and three manual valves and easy on-line maintenance.
5. Power conditions
5.1 According to the type of power supply, were selected AC and DC solenoid valve. In general AC power access convenience.
5.2 Voltage specifications exhausted preferred AC220V.DC24V.
5.3 Power supply voltage fluctuations are usually used in the exchange of +% 10% .- 15%, DC allows ±% 10 or so, if ultra poor, to take measures to stabilize the voltage or make special order requirements.
5.4 should be selected according to the power capacity of the rated current and power consumption. Should pay attention to AC starting VA value is higher, in the lack of capacity should be preferred indirect induction solenoid valve.
6. Control accuracy
6.1 Ordinary solenoid valve only open and close two positions, when the control accuracy is high and the parameters are stable, please use multi-position solenoid valve; Z3CF three-position normally open solenoid valve with micro-flow, full-flow and shut. ZDF-Z1 / 1 combination of multi-function solenoid valve with full open, big open, small open, full open four flow.
6.2 Operating time: refers to the electrical signal is turned on or off to the completion of the main valve action time, only the company's patented multi-function solenoid valve can be opened and closed separately adjusted, not only to meet the control accuracy requirements, but also to prevent water hammer damage.
6.3 leakage

The sample given the amount of leakage for the common economic level, if too high, please make a special order.
The reliability:
1, working life, this is not included in the factory test project, a type test project. In order to ensure the quality of regular manufacturers should be selected brand-name products.
2, work standard: long-term work system, repeated short-term work system and short-term work system three. The Company's conventional products are long-term working system, that is, the coil allows long-term power work. For a long time to open the valve only a short time off, it should be used normally open solenoid valve. Used in the short-term work volume and volume again
Large, special orders can be made to reduce power consumption.
3, the working frequency: high frequency of operation, the structure should be preferred direct-acting solenoid valve, the power to listen to the preferred exchange.
4, action reliability
Strictly speaking, this test has not been formally included in the professional standards of our solenoid valves, to ensure that the quality should be selected regular manufacturers of brand-name products. In some occasions, the number of actions is not much, but the reliability requirements are very high, such as fire protection, emergency protection, must not be taken lightly. Particularly important, you should also take two double insurance.
Fourth, economy:
It is one of the criteria used, but must be based on a safe, applicable and reliable economy.
Economy is not only the selling price of the product, but also the priority given to its function and quality as well as the cost of installing maintenance and other accessories.
More importantly, the cost of a solenoid valve in the entire automatic control system in the entire automatic control system and the production line is minimal, if you seek a cheap and missed the early damage caused by the group is huge.

Direct-acting solenoid valve:
Principle: When power is on, the electromagnetic coil generates electromagnetic force to lift the closing piece from the valve seat and the valve opens. When the electric power is off, the electromagnetic force disappears. The spring presses the closing piece on the valve seat and the valve closes.
Features: In vacuum, negative pressure, zero pressure can work normally, but the path generally does not exceed 25mm.
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Piston pump: A4VSO, A10VSO, A2FO, Dosing motor: A2FM, A4FM, A10FM / E, Gear pump: 0510, AZPF, Vane pump: PV7
Atos ATOS and Dupuoma DUPLOMATIC Italy, the United States Parker Parker and EATON VICKERS Eaton Vickers hydraulic, Japan YUKEN Yuken pump valve advantage spot series (solenoid valve, pressure switch, piston pump, gear pump, the ratio Valve, globe valve, switch valve, etc.)

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