What are the advantages of parking lot ETC compared to general parking fees?


The application of ETC is mainly concentrated on the toll collection and toll collection of expressway toll stations. Because ETC has many advantages such as rapidity, safety, comfort, and green, its application in parking lots is also put on the process, such as parking lot electronics. The national standard for parking fees will be introduced soon; Beijing said that it will conduct pilot projects for ETC applications in parking lots targeting large public buildings such as airports and large-scale commerce and trade; Wuhan recently proposed to implement the goal of “finding mobile parking spaces and paying with ETCs” in 2015. The first phase of the ETC car park project will take the Wuhan Group Moore City as the core and integrate more than 17,000 parking spaces in more than 20 parking lots. The project will be completed and piloted in November; Shandong Province will promote the large and medium-sized parking lot. Popularization of ETC is expected to be applied first in transportation hubs such as Jinan Airport and West Railway Station as well as in large communities and universities.
The advantages of parking lot ETC
Traditional manual and semi-manual keystrokes, card export, export payment process, entering and exiting a parking lot, spending nearly one minute at the entrance and exit, in case of major events or rush hour, many parking lots often appear long queues. Therefore, the primary role of the parking lot ETC is to ease the pressure on vehicles entering and exiting the peak period of the car park, thereby reducing traffic pressure on some roads.
Secondly, most of the current parking lots use passive electronic tags that cost only about RMB 30. They are easily tampered with and falsified, and are not suitable for secure payment and settlement. ETC settlement uses active electronic tags, including security. High CPU card, therefore, using ETC at parking lot can also guarantee secure payment settlement.
In addition, ETC applications are also conducive to commercial development in the vicinity of the parking lot. The first is the growth rate. After the transformation, the ETC lane car park can increase the speed of vehicles and reduce the number of vehicle entrance stops. The second is the increase in revenue, and the rapid entry and exit of vehicles will attract more. The flow of people into the business district to spend; the final value-added, dynamic information services to the parking space information to the vehicle hosting card, as a parking lot of value-added services.
The pilot of the parking lot ETC and its promotion and application in the future, the good companies are first of all expressway ETC companies, such as Beijing Express, because these companies have advantages that cannot be matched by other companies, whether they are hardware equipment, software systems or payment processes. From the highway to the parking lot, the threshold is relatively low.
For companies such as DSRC, RFID, smart card (ICC) reading and writing devices, and embedded POS terminal platforms, such as Jin Yi Technology, the ETC is no doubt able to expand. Its product application space. For a company that is a traditional parking management system, it can also take this opportunity to upgrade its system to implement ETC functions.
In addition, companies born due to parking lot ETC can also set foot on the market by providing innovative products, such as Pleasant Technology, and put forward the parking lot ETC solution: Placing a “P Card” on the windshield of the vehicle to allow ETC It becomes ETCP, connecting parking systems in different cities to form a cross-regional and cross-platform system, and finally forms a set of cloud computing-based operations.

SRTA Silicone Rubber Fiberglass Heat-resistant Winding Belt


SRFA Silicon Heat-resisting glass fiber Winding Belt is made of non-alkali glass fiber braided fabric with thick iron oxide red silicone coating.

Product Feature:
a) Can block molten iron splash effectively.

b) Can`t be damaged by high temperature and flame.

c) Fireproof, heat insulation, heat prevention.

d) Can work at 260 degrees high temperature environment continuously.

e) Can withstand 1090 degrees for 15~20 minutes.

f) Can work at 1650 degrees for 15~30 seconds.

g) Can protect the the worker from being burned by the high temperature pipeline.

h) Can save the cost of heat loss.

a) Widely used in soft hose, steam pipe, cables for high temperature protection.
b) Very suitable for wrapping the soft hose and cables.

Standard Size: 
Part No.       Width/mm        Thickness/mm          Length m/roll
SRTA-25           25                             1.2                           20
SRTA-50           50                             2.0                           20
SRTA-100        100                            2.9                           20
SRTA-150        150                            3.5                           20

SRTA-200        200                            4.0                           20

Product images:

SRTA Silicon Heat-resisting Winding belt

Fire Tape/Belt

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