Weichai takes the power of “Internet+” to promote enterprise upgrading and transformation


A few days ago, the reporter visited the Weichai Department of Enterprise Management and Informatization and learned that Weichai's integration has been fruitful. In 2012, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology was awarded the title of “National Informatization and Industrialization Depth Convergence Demonstration Enterprise”. In 2014, it participated in the national “Two” Integrated Management System drafted. At present, the Weichai Integration Promotion Conference is actively interpreting the national strategy and planning a roadmap for Weichai's smart manufacturing, with a view to promoting the upgrading and transformation of enterprises through the power of the "Internet Plus."

“Our understanding of smart manufacturing is not limited to the intelligentization, automation, and digitization of production equipment, but extends to the operation of the entire company. That is, using the Internet to break through the various business end of the group and promote the connection of production elements from the 'primary physical level'. 'To 'Intelligent Business Networking' upgrade to achieve information sharing, highly integrated resources, and a significant increase in efficiency, etc.” Cao Zhiyue, Director of Weichai's Corporate Management and Information Department, told reporters that the near-term goal of Weichai's smart manufacturing will be to build " The three core competencies of cost, technology, and quality, through the “Internet+” path, increase production efficiency, shorten development cycle, improve product quality, and deliver quickly, and meet customer's individual needs with low cost, high efficiency, and high quality. .

Smart Operation: Evolution from "Physics" to "Information"

From conception to design, manufacturing, testing and offline delivery, collaborative research and development and intelligent manufacturing based on the Internet go through all workflows.

In the R&D phase, the product lifecycle management platform (PLM) can realize collaborative design in different places, multi-view BOM management, document document management, R&D project management, and modular design, as well as TDM and multi-dimensional development on this platform. Systems such as design and computer-aided manufacturing have provided informatization support for the collaborative research and development of the "Five Nations and Ten Territories" research and development center. Taking the engine of the supporting marine surveillance ship as an example, through collaborative R&D, the R&D cycle has been reduced from the original 24 months to 18 months, the overall R&D efficiency has increased by 25%, and a large amount of useful data has been saved for subsequent R&D.

A group of "intelligent robots", a pile of "information materials", and several "intelligent management systems" undoubtedly constitute the basic elements of the Weichai smart factory.

In all major production workshops, CNC equipment is widely used, and the automated production line covers the entire range of Weichai products in all areas. The No. 1 factory of traditional advantageous product manufacturing bases such as WP10 has also realized the transformation of automation equipment from “buying in” to “making out”. In 2014 alone, it completed 34 automated transformation projects with high technological content and good implementation effects. . At the same time, parts-based automatic scanning system based on RFID technology, on-site lighting system, material pulling system, automatic parts selection system, as well as ERP+ISP platform for the entire supply chain, production management and implementation of the MES platform, making Weichai from procurement From logistics to production, everything is organized and highly synergistic.

Whether it is an external customer or an internal customer, meeting customer needs is the starting point for creating wisdom and cutting wood. In the face of external customers, Weichai completed the development of post-market service systems, global call center systems, car-linked I systems, and after-sales dispatch APPs, and realized intelligent service for the entire life cycle of products. It is an innovative business model that tests the market after water. 020 e-commerce, the development of international business, provided support. In the face of internal customers, the escalating OA office system and independent development of nearly 80 administrative procedures are powerful guarantees for efficient paperless office and humanized management.

Future: Open up 5 end-to-end processes

“By assessing the status of the eight core business domains, we conclude that Weichai is currently in the process informatization phase of the decentralized system driven by transaction automation, while some international advanced companies such as Carter are in a fine-to-interactive transition. Stage," said Cao Zhiyue, which means that in the near future, on the one hand, we must pay attention to the refinement of operations, and promote the standardization of the process and the accuracy of the data through the process of informationization; on the other hand, we must pay more attention to the The cooperation of industrial chain and molecular companies achieves resource integration and synergies, and in particular, it must use the advantages of overseas subsidiaries to promote the advancement of enterprises from regionalization to globalization.

Taking advantage of the Internet to promote the upgrading and transformation of enterprises is the only way Weichai will actively break the bottleneck and seek new development. Weichai Intelligent Manufacturing's five-year planning blueprint was put forward. In the future, Weichai will focus on creating value for customers and use process informatization capabilities as a means to open up five end-to-end processes, namely, customer insight into product portfolio, customer leads to orders , customer orders to delivery, customer use issues to solve, business strategy to landing. Through the opening of the information system in the information system and the continuity of the data, the overall operation level of the company has been continuously improved, which has helped Weichai to transform from a traditional manufacturing enterprise to a service-oriented manufacturing enterprise.

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