The Popularization, Application and Benefit Analysis of Solar Insect Killer Lamps in Dongzhi County


The application of insecticidal lamps makes it possible to control insects and pests in large areas during agricultural growth. The use of insecticidal lamps not only traps and kills pests to protect crop yields, but also reduces the use of pesticides to protect the ecological environment, making green food and healthy agriculture a reality. reality. The solar insecticide uses solar energy as its energy source, which saves costs and increases efficiency. Today, we will take a look at the promotion, application and benefit analysis of solar insect killer lamps in Dongzhi County.

1 Status of insecticidal lamps

Dongzhi County began to use solar-powered insecticidal lamps at its base in Dongzhi County in 2005. It received ideal results and effectively controlled the occurrence of pests such as Spodoptera litura, Scrophulariae sinensis, and Chinese beetle, which caused damage to Dongzhi County. With harm, the production of Dongzhi County has achieved pollution-free standards and has been certified by the state. After that, the technology was gradually applied to fruit trees, vegetables, and rice. With the continuous expansion of the application range, from the initial few units, to 3,500 units. In particular, after implementing the “Wanjia Light” project in 2006, the application of solar-powered insecticidal lamps has become more common in this county, and economic, ecological, and social benefits have improved significantly.

1.1 Implementation of the “Wanjia Light” Project

Under the support of the “Wanjia Light” project, the promotion and application of solar insect light in this county has developed rapidly. In October 2006, the county became the first batch of demonstration pilot counties for Guangxi Wanjia Light Project. Under the leadership of the Autonomous Region Agriculture Department and the guidance of technical departments at all levels, the "Wanjia Light" project was successfully implemented. This project has led to a wider application of solar energy killing lamps in this county.

1.2 Promotion and Application Experience

1.2.1 Publicity and training

In conjunction with the training of millions of farmers, through conferences, pictures, television and other forms, they widely publicized the effect of pest killing insect pests, the promotion and use of insecticidal lamps, the production of pollution-free products, and the promotion of a healthy development of agricultural ecology. In addition, a presentation ceremony for insecticidal lamps was held in each township (town) and demonstration site to conduct on-site training in the application of insecticidal lamp technology. The project organized 42 training sessions on the use of insecticidal lamps in townships (towns) and villages (tuners) and trained more than 2,370 farmers. The training content mainly introduces the principle, methods of use, and benefits of solar insecticide lamp killing. Through publicity, the speed of application and promotion of insecticidal lamps in the county has been significantly accelerated.

1.2.2 Lighting installation

From 2007 to 2008, the county has promoted the use of 2,500 insecticidal lamps. Firstly, the villagers (towns) will report the installation plan of the insecticidal lamp, including the village, the village, the installation of the farmers, the installation site, and the number of installations. The technical team and the county plant protection station will then conduct detailed field investigations to determine the demonstration site and quantity. After the uniform installation of electric wires at the demonstration sites and the implementation of the special management person in charge, the insecticide lamps were then distributed to the townships (towns) and demonstration sites to form a mechanism where there are people at each level, and there are people at all levels.

1.2.3 Demonstration Field Construction

In order to provide farmers with an intuitive and sufficient understanding of the effect of insecticidal lamps on controlling pests, two insecticide lamps were set up to prevent fruit trees in the villages of Bannatun in Nying Village and Damapingtun in Maling Town in March 2006. Demonstration model of pests in Dongzhi County was used to promote the use of insecticidal lamps at 25 points and the control area reached 80hm2.

1.2.4 Management work

In June 2007, the county issued and installed 1,000 insecticidal lamps. In order to make good use and management work, the installation and maintenance of demonstration model insecticidal lamps have been strengthened throughout the country. According to the differences in the installation and management of insecticidal lamps, different management models have been implemented. 1 In the form of production teams or natural villages, the average donation line for each cultivated area shall be uniformly installed and managed by special personnel, including switch lights and daily maintenance. The merits of unified management by a special person are the reasonable layout of the insecticidal lamp, which can maximize the insecticidal effect of the insecticide lamp. Such as Xiuhui Town, Xiuhui Town, Zhangjiawan Village, Nanning Village, Bannatun, Chacheng Township, Tunliu Village, Tunliutun, Yidong Village, Rongcheng Town, Lingsong Village, Zhaijiao Village, and so on. 2 more than one fund-raising installation, decentralized management and protection. Due to the large planting area, some rural households will be funded by multiple households. The farmers themselves will be responsible for the protection and the electricity costs will be paid. The advantage of decentralized pipe management is that maintenance of the lamp is more meticulous, and the insect lamp has a long service life.

According to the “Technical Regulations for Application of Solar Insect Killer Lamps” formulated by the Plant Protection Station of the Autonomous Region, the management and maintenance of solar insecticidal lamps is well done. In addition to the frequent application of various forms of solar insecticidal lamp application technology training, the County Plant Protection Department of the County Agriculture Bureau often goes deep into the village. Tuen, guide farmers to use insecticidal lamps and insecticide lamp maintenance techniques correctly to ensure the normal use of insecticidal lamps.

2 Application effect

2.1 Dongzhi County Pest Control

In 2002, a survey was conducted at the Yandong County base in the ancient city of Licheng. The density of egg masses of Spodoptera litura was estimated to be 249.2% per 667m before installing the lamps. The average density of eggs investigated after hanging the lamps was 7.6m2 per 667m. The average control efficiency was 85%. . Reduce the use of pesticides 4 times a year, reduce pesticide investment and labor costs 80 to 100 yuan per 667m2. The use of pesticides has been reduced, and production costs have been greatly reduced.

From May 20th to June 18th, 2003, at the Dongzhi County base of Tangjiachang, Minjiang Village, Qingshan Town, the total number of single light traps was 172 Spodoptera lituras, 200 single-headed moths, and Chinese Cailie beetles. The head and Orient heads are 151, and the trapping effect is obvious.

2.2 Application Effect and Benefit Analysis on Fruit Trees

2.2.1 Economic Benefits

The village of Bannatun in Nyingcun Town, Xiuren County is mainly planted with citrus. In 2006, the insecticidal lamp was used. Now 110 villages have been installed with insecticide lamps, and all of them are used to kill insects in fruit trees. The use of insecticidal lamp can reduce the cost of pesticides by 80-150 yuan per 667m2, save labor costs by 30-80 yuan, and can save production costs by more than 110 yuan per 667m2 in total. Farmers report that they are good.

According to Mo Yugui, a villager in Xieren Village, Xiuren County, his family grows 0.4 hm2 of fruit trees. In the early stages of using insecticidal lamps, a single lamp attracts 0.6 to 0.8 kg per night. After 15 days, the number of induced insects gradually decreases. Insects 0.1 to 0.2kg. In the past, prevention and treatment of pests such as P. citri, P. xylostella, and P. elegans had to be sprayed 4 to 5 times a year. After the insecticidal lamp was used, only P. quinquefasciatus and Phyllocoptes olivorus Ashmead needed to be controlled. Every 667m2 annual savings of 50 yuan pesticides, artificial 80 yuan, total cost savings of 130 yuan, the annual 0.4hm2 savings of nearly 800 yuan. The villagers villagers Jiang Zhongxi planted nearly 0.4hm2 of fruit trees. After using insecticidal lamps, the annual cost of pesticides and labor was reduced by 750 yuan. Because of the insecticidal effect of insecticidal lamps, most of the orchards in the administrative village have installed insecticidal lamps. There are still farmers coming to the Agricultural Plant Protection Station to consult the use of insecticidal lamps.

2.2.2 Ecological Benefits

According to the survey, the single lamp can trap and kill 0.5 to 1 kg of adult insects per night on average, up to 2 kg, reducing the use of pesticides 3 to 6 times, effectively achieving harmless production of agricultural products, fruit color, appearance improved significantly, commodity value increased . At the same time, the use of pesticides has been reduced, pesticide residues have been reduced, the ecological environment has been protected, and the quality and safety of agricultural products have been promoted. The whole county has established a pollution-free fruit production base of 0.81 million hm2. The produced agricultural products such as Xiacheng, Shatangju, Dongzhi, and ginger have passed the pollution-free agricultural product certification of the Ministry of Agriculture.

2.2.3 Social benefits

Thanks to the popularization and application of insecticidal lamps, the farmers' awareness of environmental protection has been significantly improved, the quality of the products produced by the agricultural products has been improved, the prices have been raised, the income of farmers has been improved, the lives have been improved, social stability has been promoted, and good social benefits have been achieved.

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