What are the common problems when driving a small 8-ton crane?


With the economic development, every household owns a small car. If a family can buy a large 8-ton small crane, it is a very good event to celebrate. However, everyone buys an 8-ton small crane , then you have a relevant driver’s license. 8 tons of small cranes in the driving if there are some problems how to solve it? Most of the owners still do not understand, according to these questions, Xiao Bian take you to learn more about the 8 tons of small crane driving seen in daily life Common problems and solutions


In order to better operate the 8 tons of small cranes, Xiao Bian suggested that you first understand the following 8 tons of small cranes in the normal driving precautions which should be understood in advance, the following list of four points for your reference:

The first point: When a small-capacity 8-ton crane shifts gear manually, it is necessary to pay attention to shifting from one stage to another.

The second point: If the 8 ton small crane is in the process of driving, if there are such situations as abnormal noise, steering wheel failure, and the speed becomes faster or slower, then it is prompting everyone that the speed should be decelerated immediately. Tons of small cranes open to a safe place.

The third point: Everybody should pay attention to, we must observe the indicator of the crane's instrument panel.

Fourth point: On the way of climbing the 8-ton small crane, we should reduce the number of shifts in advance and reduce the wear and system damage of the 8-ton small crane engine.

The fifth point: In the case of driving an 8-ton small crane, if there is a fuel cut off, if the engine is not used at this time, exhausting the fuel system may cause damage to the machine.

Next, we also understand the relevant issues of the next 8 tons of small cranes when they are downhill. I believe we really want to know!

The first point: Before we drive the 8-ton small crane downhill, we should first check if the system is running normally.

The second point: Usually, when the 8-ton small crane descends, it will start the engine to start, and then slowly hang it to the lowest level, and then start the engine system and then work.

The third point: We need to prevent the 8 tons of small cranes from spinning too fast. Usually the 8 tons of small cranes' rotations refer to the rotation of the engine by the vehicle theory that exceeds the engine's standard speed.

Through the above 8 tons of small cranes in the normal operation and downhill when traveling related matters, today to everyone here, if there are other do not understand we can pay attention to our official website.

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