Xinjiang Coco Tokai Lithium, Antimony and Antimony Ore Dressing Plant


The Cocoto Sea Mine is located in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. A pegmatite-based lithium, beryllium, tantalum and niobium, rubidium, cesium multiple metal deposit. There are four veins, of which the No. 3 vein (currently the mining vein) is the largest. The ore contains (TaNb) 2 O 5 0.015% (Ta: Nb = 1:1), BeO 0.093%, and Li 2 O 1.29%. Tantalum and niobium ore minerals are manganese, tantalum, niobium, manganese, tantalum, microlite. The strontium mineral is mainly beryl. Lithium minerals are mainly spodumene. The gangue is mainly quartz and feldspar . Mineral granules: strontium minerals are up to 1 to 2 mm, typically 0.3 to 0.08 mm. The beryl is generally above 0.2 mm. Spodumene is generally 0.2 mm.
Beneficiation plant design capacity 750 t / day. It is divided into three systems: No. 1 system treats strontium ore and treats 400 tons of ore daily. The 2 ton system processes lithium ore and processes 250 tons of ore per day. The No. 3 system processes helium ore and processes 100 tons of ore per day. The No. 3 system beneficiation process is shown in Figure 1, using a two-stage grinding heavy-magnetic-floating process. The first section of the rod mill, grinding particle size -1 mm. The second stage of ball milling, grinding particle size -0.2 mm. Grinding products are coarsely selected with a φ940 mm rotating spiral chute (pitch 500 mm, speed 12-16 rpm); the rotating spiral chute tailings are graded by a φ250 mm cyclone, and the cyclone overflows to send the No. 2 system to float lithium. Concentrate first by rotating spiral chute separator iron weak magnetic field, and then classified shaker, a ball mill shaker tailings return. The shaker concentrate is fed into a double-disc magnetic separator to select four kinds of products: iron filings, antimony concentrate, antimony ore and non-magnetic materials (tailing). The magnetic separation of the medium ore (钽铌-garnet) is carried out by flotation re-election, and the sputum and garnet are sorted. The iron filings are subjected to acid leaching and filtration, and the slag is the strontium concentrate. General mineral processing index: Tannin concentrate grade (TaNb) 2 O 5 50% ~ 60%, recovery rate of 62%.

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