Research report on mineral processing of a high carbon molybdenum nickel ore in Yunnan


The ore is subjected to a selective metallurgical test to provide a basis for the possibility of development and utilization of the ore.

1, the black shale ore types, i.e., carbonaceous shale pyrite. The ore is mainly composed of micronized strawberry pyrite and carbon.

2, the main metal minerals pyrite, marcasite small amount; gangue minerals aphanitic graphite, organic carbon, water, mica, quartz, feldspar, calcite, dolomite, barite.

3. No molybdenum minerals and nickel minerals were observed under the microscope. It is speculated that molybdenum may exist in the state of carbon adsorption, and nickel is present in the yellow iron and entrapped in the carbon. Because strawberry pyrite is finely grained and closely associated with carbon, and molybdenum nickel is closely related to carbonaceous and pyrite, the above embedding characteristics of ore are caused by low grade and recovery, and difficult to separate molybdenum and nickel. main reason.

4. The associated element nickel has a grade of 2.75% in molybdenum concentrate and a recovery rate of 35.75%.

5, due to the high carbon content in the ore, a large amount of foam, high viscosity, difficult to conduct closed circuit test.

6. Molybdenum concentrate leaching test.

The flotation molybdenum concentrate is obtained by the wet smelting test to obtain the standard calcium molybdate, the molybdenum leaching rate is 84%, and the molybdenum recovery rate is 80%. The process is technically feasible and economically reasonable.

The test uses a flotation-leaching (smelting) process. Flotation through the two coarse, two sweep, three fine open process test, obtained molybdenum concentrate molybdenum grade 8.08%, molybdenum recovery rate of 80.19%; nickel grade 2.75%, nickel recovery rate of 35.75%; carbon content of 23% or more.

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