Why is the color video camera black and white?


The color-to-black camera is also called a day-night conversion camera. It is a camera that can be used both during the day and at night. In engineering applications, we often find that black-and-white cameras have higher sensitivity than color cameras and can obtain good images in darker environments, especially when there are infrared light sources used in combination with 0LUX. Color to black cameras for day and night cameras.
There has been a lot of talk about day and night cameras. Some people say that dual-use cameras are not practical and the camera color is black, and it can be used as a monitor that users watch every day, but they cannot turn black, and the color monitor can see where black and white images are good. Said that for the color CCD, the natural resolution is lower than the same level of black and white CCD, the same CCD, no matter how to deal with is not possible to achieve the effect of black and white; also have to say, although the frame accumulation has improved some results, but in Even at night, it is still noisy, and the trailing of moving objects cannot be solved. It appears to be an itching and so on to solve the problems of day and night. There are complaints from the large gap between the imagination of the project contractors and their own imagination. There are also manufacturers or sellers who make different interpretations of the day and night cameras on their own positions, making it difficult for the contractors who need to purchase products to be at a loss. "Ponies crossing the river."
In the continuous expansion of day and night camera concept and continuous innovation in related technologies, the product level is increasingly rich today. The emergence of such a situation is inevitable, as a buyer, how to purchase a suitable for their own engineering needs, and cost-effective The products are sometimes not easy. Aida believes that first of all, to select a day/night camera, we must cooperate with technical personnel, fully understand the user's requirements and the actual needs of the project environment, and fully understand the exact meaning of the indicators in the day/night camera. This difficult job is difficult to "full" because the dual-use video camera is still changing and developing. New things will continue to appear. If you don't "sufficiently" you will have problems easily. Also, we must choose a brand with a larger product and serve a good reputation. In general, brand-name products, product data on the performance indicators are more credible, especially the product of the system is relatively strong, even if the introduction of a new series, there are fewer "side effects"; good service, reputation of the sales association Objectively introduce the advantages and disadvantages of certain products, so that you can avoid detours in the purchase. Again, multiple sellers are selected, and repeated comparisons are made so that one can be confident. In the end, it must be seen as a fact, and after repeated trial and error, it can be purchased.
Because the color camera CCD response to light is different from the human eye, especially in the daytime will be affected by the non-visible light and produce color cast, so they have to filter through the filter to remove them. However, in this way, the infrared rays in the application at night are also blocked outside. It is necessary to know that the response of the CCD to the infrared in the night is quite good, just like the human eye reacts better during the day (of course, there is no color). In order to resolve this contradiction, R&D personnel want to provide images through the same camera both during the day and night. There are many ways to solve this problem.

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