Bulk feed carriers - Part 2: Technical conditions


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Book Information Bulk Feed Transporter Part 2: Technical Conditions
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Publisher: People's Publishing House
Publication date:2010-7-1
Format: Large 16 open
ISBN Content Introduction JB/T9868 "Bulk Feed Transport Vehicle" includes the following three parts:
- Part 1: Types and basic parameters;
- Part 2: Technical conditions;
- Part 3: Test methods.
This section is Part 2 of JB/T9868.
This section replaces JB/T 9868.2-1999 "Technical Conditions for Bulk Feed Carriers".
Compared with JB/T 9868.2-1999, the main changes are as follows:
- Change the original reference standard to a normative reference and confirm its validity;
- Changed the name of the standard to "Part 2 of Bulk Feed Transport Vehicles; Technical Conditions";
- Replace "this standard" in the original standard with "this section."
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table of Contents
1 Scope
2 Normative references
3 Terms and Definitions
4 Technical requirements
4.1 General technical requirements
4.2 The vehicle
4.3 Feed tank
4.4 Power Transmission System
4.5 Hydraulic System
4.6 Discharging mechanism
4.7 Working ladder
5 test methods
6 Inspection Rules
6.1 Factory inspection

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