Rolling resistance to new signs of EU tires first appeared


If you have been to a European tire store recently, you will find new EU logos on tires for cars, light trucks and heavy goods vehicles . There are three blue boxes in the logo, circled by three indicators: rolling resistance , braking distance on the accumulating surface, and rolling noise. The last indicator may be secondary to most consumers. Because this indicator only shows the noise outside the car at a speed of 80 km/h, there are 3 noise levels, and each level is 3 dB. Even if there is a difference of 3 dB in noise outside the car, it is rare to feel changes in the cab.

The most important indicator here is the braking distance of the water surface, which can intuitively reflect the wet grip of the tire. Indicators are divided into 7 levels from A to G. The braking distance between Class A and Class F actually differs by as much as 18 meters. However, every tire manufacturer has confidence in its products. Because now the tires have been manufactured to meet EU industry standards. However, in order to ensure the fairness of the measured value, the tolerance of the data is allowed when the data is classified. Because there is no guarantee that the data on water depth, outside temperature, and friction coefficient at the time of testing are exactly the same. If you want to get accurate data for each tire, you have to do the same test on the same conditions in the same day as we put in a big tire test. This is the only way to accurately grade each tire. Happily, under the EU's strict industry standards, there have been no wetland grips so far.

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