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Road wreckers define road wreckers, also known as trailers, accident rescue vehicles, consisting of a chassis, lifting device, lifting traction device, hydraulic system, electronic control system, body and tool box, etc., with lifting, dragging It also has a number of functions such as towing and traction, and is suitable for the clearing of highways and urban roads.

Category road wrecker can be divided into: one trailer and two wreckers, one drag and one wrecker. Multi-function wrecker
Multi-purpose wrecker includes: lifting platform wrecker, truck-mounted lift wrecker
According to the tonnage can be divided into:
3 tons wrecker
Flat width: 2300 length 5300 steel rope 25 meters winch 4 tons flat plate rated load weight 5 tons after dragging arm rated quality 3.2 tons flat plate using Q235 steel mold stamping molding. high strength. Flat ground height 850 with warning lights, two auxiliary wheels, four strapping forks and two forks. The manufacturer of Shandong Lufeng Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. uses the EQ1070 chassis wheelbase 3800 engine produced by Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. for: CY4102-E3C large cylinder length 3100 stroke 2700 (Unit price 3800) Flat lift cylinder length 800 strokes 580 rear support cylinder length 640 stroke 280 after trailing arm cylinder length 1450 stroke 980
8 tons of wrecker
Maximum lifting weight (kg) (optional) 3000 Maximum lifting height (mm) (optional) 3520
Boom telescopic travel (mm) (optional) 2000 Winch rated traction mass (kg) 5000
Wire rope length (m) 30 Maximum effective length of support arm (mm) 1940
Rated lifting mass (kg) 55350 Total protruding mass (kg) 4300
Rated supporting quality (kg) 14000
16 tons wrecker
Maximum lifting weight (kg) (optional) 16000 Maximum lifting height (mm) (optional) 5000
Jib telescopic travel (mm) (optional) 3000 winch rated traction mass (kg) 10000
Length of wire rope (m) 40 Maximum effective length of support arm (mm) 3100
Rated lifting mass (kg) 2270 Full extended maximum lifting mass (kg) 1570
Rated supporting quality (kg) 19000
25 tons wrecker
Lifting mass (kg) (optional) 16000 Lifting height (mm) (optional) 5000/9600
Arm extension stroke (mm) (optional) 3000/3530 Winch rated traction mass (kg) 10000
Length of wire rope (m) 40 Maximum effective length of support arm (mm) 3100
Rated Lifting Weight (kg) 4370/3470 Full Extended Maximum Lifting Weight (kg) 3200/2500
Rated care quality (kg) 25000
Suspension crane 38 tons
Lifting mass (kg) (optional) 20000 Lifting height (mm) (optional) 7000
Arm extension stroke (mm) (optional) 3530 Support arm maximum effective length (mm) 3100
Wire rope length (m) 40 winch rated traction mass (kg) 10000
Rated lifting mass (kg) 11870 Total protruding mass (kg) 8200
Rated supporting quality (kg) 38000

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