How difficult is the nursing work of the 10 square sprinkler


In the case of quite a lot of things, in fact, many units from the municipal department and the City Council have not done well in the management of sprinklers and the work of nursing and maintenance. So this also greatly reduces the life cycle of the sprinkler. Next, let's take a look at what the 10-party sprinklers need to pay attention to in the process of their work. What are the performance advantages and characteristics of the 10-party sprinklers ? And during the process of use, what details should be taken into consideration? The use of the extended life and cycle.


The first thing to know is that the 10-way sprinkler is different from the disk brush and the rolling sprinkler in the past. Therefore, the 10-party sprinkler always uses the pure absorption principle in the form of negative air pressure to work. Therefore, for suction cups and vents where there is flow of water, maintenance and repairs are required at all times, and it is the best time to perform maintenance every six months. In the course of maintenance, first of all, it is necessary to see whether the rotation angle and the rotation range are 360 ​​degrees without dead ends. Because of the prolonged use cycle, and the continuous flow of water and spray, there are many cases where the rotation angle and facilities are rusted and stuck. Therefore, this is an aspect that requires maintenance and maintenance. At the same time, what needs to be known is whether the vacuum suction from the 10-square-sprayer is in place. Therefore, every other year, up to two years or even three to five years, it is necessary to check the proportion of dust dust, and the accuracy needs to be controlled at more than 95%.

The reason why the 10 party sprinkler is popular in the market is mainly because the sprinkler is replaced by the sprinkler in the past. It is not a constant brush and water spray to carry out an indefinite cleaning mode, but a multifunctional cleaning. The mode is not only the liquid orthogonal system but also the dust absorption system and the integrated system and the vacuum system. Therefore, in all aspects, the versatile 10 square sprinkler's working rate is quite high, and it can achieve a multiplier effect. Moreover, the system architecture of the car body is also very simple, remote control and operation are also very easy to use, and can be a lot The conservation of water resources, so the cost is very high.

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