What are the regulations for using fuel trucks?


The use of special vehicles for refueling vehicles is clearly stipulated by the State, because the use of special vehicles for the transport of dangerous goods must ensure safety. Once an accident occurs, it will have a certain impact on the driver and the surrounding pedestrian vehicles. The relevant regulations regarding the use of refueling vehicles for oil tankers mainly include the following aspects. Paying attention to these issues and implementing them in strict accordance with the regulations can better ensure the safety of driving and use.


With regard to some notices of the certification documents, the use of refueling trucks must have relevant certification documents and have certain qualifications for use. The purchase of refueling vehicles is to be purchased by professional car manufacturers. The manufacturers will provide these documents when purchasing vehicles in most areas: motor vehicle invoices, vehicle certifications, tank inspection reports, certificate of affiliation units, and application forms for taxation of linked units. . With these documents available, you can apply for the relevant household registration procedures. After confirming that all costs are paid, you must use a vehicle to transport oil. You must also have a professional certificate, including these certificates: "Production License for Refined Oil (Retail)" , “Dangerous Chemicals Business License”, “Road Transport Business License” and “Business License”. These certificates must be provided both for refueling vehicles and for pure transportation. In addition, operators need to provide qualification certificates and finished products. Oil distribution contract and proof of oil delivery. After ensuring that the above procedures are all in place, you can only start working with fuel trucks.

Second, issues that should be noted during use. The mobile refueling vehicle belongs to the responsible person and cannot be used without permission. In addition, the use of the environment also has strict requirements, generally do not allow the use of the downtown area, away from the densely populated areas.

Finally, there are some requirements for vehicle modifications. It is not allowed to illegally refit professional refueling vehicles. If there are functional requirements, they should be refitted to professional manufacturers. It must ensure that the technical parameters of the vehicle comply with national standards and ensure the safety of the vehicle.

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