Touch integrated machine overall structure


In the two days prior to the installation of the Barlayner touch all-in-one machine, many people felt a strange feeling. As soon as they were installed, there were a bunch of people watching and using it around. They felt that they wouldn't put their hands on the touch-sensitive machine and wanted to keep playing. . Many people are asking what this is. The language is a touch-one machine. Many people do not know. So Pauline's explanation is a large-sized tablet computer. After all, touch one machine is a computer plus a touch screen to form the current touch one machine.

One machine is just an ordinary computer, but the work of the mouse is done by the screen. The touch and point of your finger is equivalent to the click of the mouse. It has nothing to do with the specific software installed inside, but only some key graphics. In order to be able to operate, and to do more, the specific coordinate position on the LCD touch one machine is calculated and driven to the hardware before leaving the factory. When you click on the specific position on the screen, the LCD touch one machine will give instructions to inform the computer as if you It's the same with the mouse.

So when you point your finger at a certain point on the screen, it looks like you clicked on the software button on the monitor. Actually, the image displayed on the monitor does not have any key. The software in it (that is, the displayed image) is equivalent to only one. Just a picture, in order to tell where you should put your finger.

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