8 tons of car crane maintenance tips


The usual maintenance is to make the 8- ton car crane work very well without large-scale repairs and to ensure that the 8- ton car crane is in the best working condition. Generally, it is mainly for the maintenance of several working systems such as the fuel system, lubrication system, cooling system, brake system, and carburetor system of an 8- ton truck crane. When the lubricant is applied, it is necessary to apply the lubricant of the appropriate quality level. Need to replace oil and filter on time. Any quality level of lubricant oil will change during the application process, in order to avoid the onset of the problem, should contact the use of time-critical oil change, and make the oil moderate, insisting on outstanding crankcase ventilation. Most petrol engines now have a PCV valve, but contaminants in the helium gas can deposit around the PCV valve, which can clog the valve. Therefore, it is necessary to eradicate the pollutants around the PCV valve and clean the crankcase at the same time. During the operation of the engine, the high-pressure unburned gas, moisture, acid, sulfur, and nitrogen oxides in the combustion chamber enter the crankcase through the open space between the piston ring and the cylinder wall, mixing with the metal powder that is used for part wear and dust. Together with the sludge. Therefore, it is also necessary to clean the crankcase punctually and adhere to the internal cleaning of the engine. The punctual cleaning of the fuel system, which controls the generation of coke, enables the engine to adhere to the best conditions. Rust and scaling of engine tanks are the most common questions. The rust and scale can trap the coolant in the cooling system and reduce heat dissipation, causing the engine to overheat and even cause engine damage. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the tank on time to remove rust and scale.


The maintenance period of a typical 8 ton truck crane is three to six months. Of course, different brands of 8- ton truck cranes have different maintenance cycles, and they still have to be determined according to the actual application situation. Travel lubricants such as retarders, luffing retarders, and reel decelerators are used to clean the working fluid tank and the oil filter. This changes the hydraulic fluid according to the operating conditions. Check transmission arrangements Clutches, transmissions, universal couplings, etc. Check the air filter, root dust, and sludge. Check the turntable gears for wear or for broken teeth. Check the wire rope should have a professional experience of the personnel, according to the use of accounting estimates expected life, make adjustments to increase the frequency of the attached.

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