Zhongshan's equipment manufacturing industry will have an output value of 500 billion yuan by 2020


“Hengxin Intelligence has been successfully listed in the new three editions in April this year. This is a good start for companies to enter the capital market. We believe that with the integration of capital, we can increase investment in R&D, thus R&D and manufacturing. The good equipment products came out.” On June 3, when the reporter called the phone of Luo Xin, Chairman of Guangdong Hengxin Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., Luo Hao was attending a equipment exhibition in other places.

The expansion of the equipment market has made Hengxin's automation products popular in technological transformation. As a privately-owned equipment company in Zhongshan City, Hengxin has gained a lot of market with excellent technology, and it has also been favored by all capitals. The reporter learned that, like Hengxin, many companies in the city, such as Kejielong and Yishan Heavy Industries, have also emerged and become leaders in the industry.

● "Building equipment" to adapt to industrial upgrading trend

According to Luo Yu, Hengxin Company was established in 2003. It is a pilot supplier of automated integrated equipment and system solutions for manufacturing companies. Its main products include industrial robot systems, automated production line systems, labor-saving unmanned special-purpose equipment, and AGV-free. People vans and so on, now has a full set of mechanical processing equipment and professional technical development team. The company's products have been exported to Iran, Egypt, Italy, Spain, Mexico and other countries.

Luo Ye is very busy now. Due to business expansion, the company is still hiring a large number of skilled workers, including more than 10 recruitment positions such as director of robotics department, electrical engineer, welder, and fixture design engineer.

With the general trend of improving production efficiency by means of machine substitution and technological transformation, the market space for equipment is also increasing. Taking another private equipment manufacturing enterprise in Zhongshan, Zhongshan Kejielong Machinery Co., Ltd. as an example, the robots and other equipment produced by the company in recent years are favored by the market.

The reporter learned that Cotexon is mainly engaged in the production of robotic arms for horizontal machines, rotary arm robots for vertical machines, and has been developed into one of the largest manipulator manufacturers in China. The company's self-produced horizontal arm machine robot has reached the international advanced level and has successfully entered the European market. The horizontal servo robots for horizontal machines developed by the company have become the preferred brand robots for mid- to high-end customers. Wu Hongde, general manager of Zhongshan City Kejielong Machinery Co., Ltd., said in an interview with reporters that with the rising cost of labor, the traditional enterprise "machine substitution" has become a trend, robotic equipment and other industries in the traditional hardware, injection molding, lighting, home appliances and other industries upgrade The application has become more and more extensive.

In the same way as Wu Hongde's point of view, Luo Xie stated that by saving manpower, saving space, and automating unmanned production, it has become an effective path for many companies to transform and upgrade. In the context of this large demand, automation equipment is becoming more and more popular. Coupled with the combination of capital markets and technology, it provides equipment manufacturing companies with room for further growth.

● Speed ​​up the work of key equipment projects

The provincial party committee and the provincial government proposed to build the Zhuxi advanced equipment manufacturing industry belt. The main purpose is to produce equipment, not to manufacture products. Zhongshan, as one of the important cities in the belt manufacturing industry in Zhuxi, is also accelerating the pace of development of the equipment manufacturing industry.

Following the introduction of the “Advanced Equipment Manufacturing Industry Belt Layout and Project Plan” in February this year, Zhongshan City issued the corresponding work plan “Zhongshan City's Work Plan for Accelerating the Development of Advanced Equipment Manufacturing Industry” in May, further clarifying the development priorities and priorities. work tasks. The reporter has learned that Zhongshan City regards intelligent manufacturing equipment, marine and marine engineering equipment, new energy equipment, automobile manufacturing, energy saving and environmental protection equipment, satellites and application equipment as the six key areas for development. By 2020, the industrial development goal is: The output value of equipment manufacturing industry is close to or reaches 500 billion yuan. At the same time, it has formed four major industrial functional areas, namely, Linhai in the east, Binjiang in the south, Yanbei Road in the north, and Zhonghuan in the central city, becoming an important advanced manufacturing base in the Pearl River Delta and even Guangdong Province.

According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 50 key equipment manufacturers in Zhongshan City. For example, Songde Packaging for manufacturing printing equipment, Lixinmen Fuji for textile equipment, Shinon Technology for lithography equipment are all representatives of the industry. In order to increase support for key projects, Zhongshan City is currently mapping out more than 50 projects that have been included in the “major project library in key development areas of advanced equipment manufacturing in Zhongshan”.

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