China's first AIS-based land-based ship navigation system


The “12th Five-Year” National Support Plan “Highly Available New System AIS Ship Autonomous Navigation System” project implemented by the Ministry of Transport successfully passed the expert acceptance organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology. The expert group believes that the project is using AIS for ship space. The original results of the land-based dual backup positioning navigation technology.

In order to improve the safety of coastal vessels, and to ensure the normal operation of the AIS system when the GNSS signal is not available, the project aims to break through the key technologies of the AIS ship autonomous navigation system series of the high-availability new system, and develop a new system ship autonomous navigation system ship. The prototype of the terminal equipment will be established, and the verification system of the new system ship navigation system will be established. In the future, the new system and standard of China's space-based and land-based dual backup positioning system will be launched at the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to enhance China's international discourse on the technology. right. The project is jointly implemented by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Dalian Maritime University and the Royal Naval Academy.

After three years of hard work, the project has overcome a series of key technologies and achieved a number of independent intellectual property rights. The space-based and land-based dual-backup coastal navigation system based on AIS-based ship autonomous navigation system was first introduced. The modified AIS ship autonomous navigation system has a positioning accuracy better than 10 meters, which is in line with the IMO coastal ship navigation accuracy requirements, which indicates that China's coastal land-based ship navigation system with independent intellectual property rights will greatly improve the international competitiveness of China's ship navigation technology. The project has obtained 4 national invention patents, 13 public publications, and 45 papers published in SCI/EI.

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