China's equipment manufacturing industry design center started in Shenyang


The key area of ​​"Made in China 2025" is in the equipment manufacturing industry, and the key to the equipment manufacturing industry lies in industrial design. Recently, the “China Equipment Manufacturing Industry Design Center” jointly organized by the Huanggu District Government of Shenyang and the China Industrial Design Association and the Shenyang City Economic and Information Technology Commission held a launching ceremony.

It is reported that this "Guozi" industrial design center has introduced the design of equipment such as Shi Bai of Germany, Autodesk of the United States, Smart Intelligence of Liaoning, Liaoning Collaborative Innovation, Shenyang Brahma, Beijing Kangli Blue Robot, and Lumei Industrial Design Institute. R & D leading enterprises and institutions settled in, to attract industrial design talent gathered "create passenger space", to create a public service platform for equipment manufacturing design.

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