U.S. Develops New Robotic Arms: Recognize Objects After Picking


According to Xinzhiyuan, recently researchers from MIT and Princeton University developed a system called "pick-and-place". The "pick and place" system consists of a standard industrial robot arm, and the researchers are equipped with custom grippers and suction cups. They use algorithms to allow robots to evaluate a bunch of random objects and determine the best way to grab or absorb items in debris, rather than having to understand objects before picking them up.

They developed an "object-agnostic" crawling algorithm. When it successfully seized an item, the robot removed it from the box. Then a group of cameras take pictures of the object from different angles. With the new image matching algorithm, the robot can compare the image of the captured object with its image library to find the closest match. In this way, the robot recognizes the object and then stores it in a separate box.

"Pick-and-place systems can handle a wide variety of situations and can be applied to warehouse sorting, or picking things up from your kitchen cabinet or removing debris after an accident," said a researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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