The 24 Hours of Dongfeng Cummins, which has experienced exciting stories


Some people say that service is the foundation for the survival of a company. For Dongfeng Cummins, it is always on standby, and customers can provide the best quality service when they need it.

Dongfeng Cummins Marketing Co., Ltd. (Customer Service Support Center) serves as a window for communication with customers. It has been implementing online services for 24 hours, and has practiced the service standards of “as long as you have a phone call and the rest is up to me”.

Dongfeng Cummins staff provide maintenance services Dongfeng Cummins staff provide maintenance services

Multiple Relay Guarantees STO Express Does Not Decelerate

At 22:40 on March 6th, 2018, the driver of the Shentong Express expresses that the red fault light is on and off in the Foshan area. At this time, it is about 100 kilometers away from Foshan, and the master Xu is going to load the Shunde District of Foshan immediately. .

In response to this thorny issue, Dongfeng Cummins customer service personnel quickly reported the situation to the Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce's service manager and contacted Dongfeng Cummins Foshan Station to follow up the progress of the issue.

Foshan service personnel arrived at the scene after checking the vehicle reported fault code 4238 (post-treatment exhaust treatment fluid injection unit inlet pressure sensor data valid but below the normal operating range), 1242 (accelerator pedals 1, 2 mismatch, chassis line problem) The urea crystallization caused the pipeline to be blocked, and the service personnel cleaned the urea pump on site to eliminate the post-processing failure. For this fault, the service personnel told Xu Shifu to use the regular channels to purchase the urea solution, and to maintain the urea tank and urea pump filter for every 100,000 km. Network, check the pipeline is intact, plug. In addition to this, Dongfeng Cummins customer service personnel also communicated with the vehicle manufacturer's customer service to arrange vehicle troubleshooting services for the master chef.

After the service personnel of the vehicle manufacturer arrived at the scene, they cooperated with service personnel of Dongfeng Cummins Foshan Station to troubleshoot.

When the Dongfeng Cummins customer service staff visited Master Xu, he was very happy to say, “After the repair, we have traveled 100 kilometers. There is no engine failure. Your after-sales service is really reassuring! Thank you very much! But there are still minor problems with the accelerator pedal. There is no accelerator pedal on the vehicle manufacturer's side. I'm probably about 10:30 in the morning to Maoming. Can I contact the vehicle manufacturer for help? After receiving the customer's request, Dongfeng Cummins customer service staff once again negotiated with the vehicle manufacturer, hoping they Make sure the user's problem is completely resolved.

Complaint is not terrible.

At 7:15 on March 14th, 2018, with a rush of telephone ringing, Master Li complained slightly. “My car is often reported to have exceeded its emissions and has been repaired several times. Is it still not resolved?” Facing customers Complained that Dongfeng Cummins customer service personnel had detailed information on vehicle information and maintenance after appeaseing customer sentiments.

Because Master Li was delivering, in order to ensure delivery time, the customer service staff decided to temporarily eliminate the malfunction with temporary measures after communicating with Master Li.

When Master Li was still unloading, service personnel at Dongfeng Cummins Hefei Station came to the appointed place half an hour earlier. After on-site investigation, the post-treatment system was found to be operating normally, and the urea concentration was in line with the standard. It was the presence of impurities in the internal oil filter of the diesel filter. After pouring out, the color becomes black.

After discovering the problem, Dongfeng Cummins service personnel reminded Master Li that he had to refuel at a regular gas station, and at the same time provided feedback to the vehicle manufacturer. The entire vehicle manufacturer arranges the nearest service personnel to go to the site to troubleshoot the problem.

200 kilometers of fresh vegetables

At 18:00 on March 21, 2018, the user Yan master appeared to start idling in Dezhou, Shandong Province. After receiving the information, Dongfeng Cummins customer service learned that Yan master pulled a car of vegetables and turned off on the road. He was very anxious and informed. "The service station says there are no parts. What if my car dish is rotten on the road?

In-depth understanding and understanding, the original Yan master's models match the ISZ model, the service station did not have the spare parts at that time, customer service quickly to appease Yan master, and organize the search for spare parts, the final service station staff to drive more than 200 kilometers with spare parts, near 3 hours to reach the fault site. At 22:30, with the powerful roar of the engine, Master Yan's car started smoothly.

Quality may be the first reason why customers choose Dongfeng Cummins, but all-weather high-efficiency service is to choose Dongfeng Cummins's insurance. The 24-hour "as long as you have a phone call, and the rest will be handled by me." The Dongfeng Cummins service standards and more than 2,000 service outlets nationwide are becoming more and more people's choice for Dongfeng Cummins.


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