Four high-level features emerged in the new high-profile equipment manufacturing industry in 2014


Efforts to develop high-end equipment manufacturing industry is an important step in the national manufacturing upgrade. At the same time, with the modernization of modern industries, the state complied with the industrial development situation, and further introduced smart equipment industry planning, and strive to enhance the country's overall strength. 2014 will be the key period of the 12th Five-Year Plan, and the industry will open a new page.

According to the 12th Five-Year Development Plan for High-end Equipment Manufacturing, by 2015, the output value of high-end equipment manufacturing industry will reach 6 trillion yuan. By 2020, high-end equipment manufacturing industry will account for 25% of the total manufacturing industry. The high-end equipment manufacturing industry has entered the "Golden Ten Years," and will show the following characteristics in the course of its development:

The change of government's strategic choice and policy orientation The development of high-end equipment manufacturing cannot be separated from the tilt of the government's policy support and resources. According to the needs of the development of high-end equipment manufacturing, the Chinese government will follow the rules of market economy, respect the status of the market as the main body of the enterprise, change from a management-oriented government to a service-oriented government, formulate industrial plans and policies, improve infrastructure, improve the investment environment, and strengthen the public Services, strengthen the support and guidance of industrial clusters and industry leaders. At the same time, from the shift from preferential support for preferential policies to the optimization of the development environment and optimization of policies, equal emphasis will be placed on reliance on government-driven changes, market pulls, and government guidance.

Specifically, if we change the buying technology and the ratio of digestion and absorption of hormones and support, China currently spends 1 yuan on technology and only 0.26-0.36 yuan in digestion and absorption, while 3.3 times in Germany and 3-7 in Japan. Times; formulating high-end equipment manufacturing companies talent introduction plan, change the fixed ideas of the simple introduction of technology, and more focus on the introduction of the team to achieve the continuous accumulation and development of its own technology. In addition, the application of national major projects will be further brought into full play and the policy improvement mechanisms for supporting equipment and construction will continue to be promoted.

Strengthen the capacity for independent innovation According to the foregoing analysis, we can understand that China is a large manufacturing country, but it is not a strong country, lacks independent design capabilities, and lacks key core technologies. Therefore, the focus of developing high-end equipment manufacturing industry is to achieve independent innovation and make high-end Localization of equipment manufacturing. Enterprises in our country must change the current situation of re-introduction, light research and development, heavy use, and light development, and heavy imitation and light innovation. The use of imported technology and imported equipment to produce products, to gradually realize the localization of components, raw materials and tooling molds, mass production of products with the level of imported prototypes; breakthrough and master a number of key areas of core technology, the formation of independent technology And the standards have greatly improved the ability and level of autonomy of key technologies and equipment; nurtured and developed the research and development of core technologies and key technologies, accelerated the development of “independent brand” products, and formed independent intellectual property rights through the research and application of key technologies. The technologies, products and industries that are featured provide technical support for the development of the equipment manufacturing industry. Through independent innovation, the “exogenous technology power” is transformed into “endogenous technology power” and becomes an autonomous country with “technical power and capital” output type.

In particular, basic technologies are focused on improving the basic processes, basic materials, basic components, R&D, and system integration of important mechanical and electronic basic parts, and breaking through and mastering high-end measurement and control systems, key components, high-end machine tools, and special high-quality raw materials. Key technologies to improve the basic level of casting, forging, welding, and heat treatment. For example, in 2011, Xi'an Aeronautical Power Co., Ltd. optimized its technical system, strengthened its product R&D and support functions, improved its professional engineering technology system and strengthened its technical expert job responsibilities, and launched the “Special Action for Waste Loss Control” to promote implementation. Technology maturity evaluation, intellectual property rights, patent engineering, knowledge management, standardization strategy and scientific and technological intelligence research. Through the construction of a smooth and scientific technology platform, the company's technological innovation capability will be enhanced, and the core technology will be promoted rapidly to ensure the annual model development and mass production.

The trend of industrial agglomeration highlights that high-end equipment manufacturing is a clustered industry, and the development of a single company or several enterprises alone cannot be successful. The division of labor among enterprises is very detailed, and the industrial chain has become the external environment of the enterprise. Each enterprise is a link in its industrial chain. At the same time, drawing on the experience of developed countries in the high-end equipment manufacturing industry abroad to gather in the park, gather in economically developed areas, and gather in specialized intellectual-intensive areas will become a major trend in the development of China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry.

During the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, China’s high-end equipment industry will continue to gather in the provinces with strong concentration and innovation ability in scientific research institutes in the eastern coastal areas, as well as a few central cities in the central and western regions and in the Northeast, and the regional development differentiation will further strengthen. . For example, Qingdao City has accelerated the development of marine equipment manufacturing through the introduction of large enterprises and large projects. At present, it has initially formed a cluster of marine equipment manufacturing industry, and has a higher level of repair and maintenance vessels, marine diesel engines, marine engineering equipment, and ship electric power propulsion. Industrial chain. Qiqihar City established China First Heavy Machinery Group Company, Qizhong CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. and Qiqihar No.2 Machine Tool (Group) Co., Ltd. as the leader, Qiqi Company and three major military enterprises as the pillars, with more than 80 households. The Qiqihar NC heavy-duty equipment industry demonstration base with its own equipment companies has begun to take shape.

The company entered the period of high tide of M&A and reorganization. Due to the upgrading of product structure in high-end equipment manufacturing industry, and the wide application of high and new technology and information technology, the difficulty of independent technological innovation is increasing, the capital consumption is high, and the technical level and financial ability of a single enterprise It is impossible to support some large-scale technology development activities. Therefore, mergers and acquisitions between companies have become an important way to develop high-end equipment manufacturing. There are flexible mergers and acquisitions between companies, forming a variety of forms of consortium: the merger of new companies, joint ventures, mutual shareholding and agreement cooperation. For enterprises that lack certain technologies and resources, cooperation can effectively use the complementary effects of skills and resources among enterprises to form synergy. For instance, Xugong and Weapon Group have restructured and become bigger and bigger, Liugong acquired Owinge, Hongdeli Machinery Group Company and so on.

In general, during the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, the transformation and upgrading of key national economy industries, the cultivation and expansion of strategic emerging industries, and the constraint of energy and resource environment have imposed higher requirements on the intelligent manufacturing equipment industry and provided great results. Market space. In the next 5-10 years, China's intelligent manufacturing equipment industry will usher in an important period of strategic opportunities for development.

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