In 2016, 47.76 million households affected by the disaster benefited from agricultural insurance.


[ China Agricultural Machinery Industry News ] China Insurance Regulatory Commission Chairman Xiang Junbo said on the 22nd that at present, China's agricultural insurance business is second only to the United States, ranking second in the world, Asia. Since the implementation of the central financial agricultural insurance premium subsidy policy in 2007, the amount of premium subsidies has increased year by year. By 2016, this amount has reached 16.21 billion yuan, and the risk protection obtained has reached 2.1 trillion yuan, which is 128 times the amount of subsidies.

In 2016, 47.76 million households affected by the disaster benefited from agricultural insurance.
At the press conference held by the State Council Information Office on the same day, Xiang Junbo said that the number of farmers participating in agricultural insurance in China has increased from 49.81 million in 2007 to 200 million, an increase of three times; The increase of 230 million mu to 1.72 billion mu covers all provinces; there are more than 190 kinds of insured crops, and the coverage of corn, rice and wheat three-category crops is over 70%; the premium income has increased from 5.18 billion yuan to 2016. 41.71 billion yuan.
Through continuous advancement, the function of agricultural insurance services “three rural” has been continuously exerted, especially in improving agricultural disaster prevention and mitigation capabilities, maintaining national food security and agricultural transformation and upgrading.
It is reported that in 2016, agricultural insurance paid 34.8 billion yuan to the affected households of 45.76 million households, an increase of 33.9% over the previous year. Especially in the southern flood disaster, agricultural insurance paid 7 billion yuan.
Xiang Junbo said that the China Insurance Regulatory Commission will further improve the agricultural insurance system, especially in the top-level design of agricultural insurance and related supporting rules, to accelerate the pace of expansion, bidding and innovation, and continuously improve the level of service for the agricultural population. To build a strong barrier for poverty alleviation.

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