The best drying equipment for Chinese herbal medicine drying


There are many kinds of Chinese herbal medicines with different prices. For the drying of Chinese herbal medicines, experts have found that using high-temperature heat pump dryers to dry Chinese herbal medicines at a low temperature can effectively keep their medicines and nutrients from being lost. Here are some of the advantages of high temperature heat pump dryer drying equipment for Chinese herbal medicines:

1, uniform and rapid, which is the main features of high temperature heat pump dryer drying. Since the high-temperature heat pump dryer has a large penetrating power, it can directly generate heat inside the medium when heated.

2, high thermal efficiency, sensitive, because the heat directly from the inside of the dry material, heat loss in the surrounding medium is minimal, coupled with high temperature heat pump dryer heat chamber itself does not absorb heat, does not absorb the high temperature heat pump dryer, all Emissions act on the material and have high thermal efficiency.

3, the temperature can be adjusted, can be low-temperature drying, to maintain the traditional Chinese medicine's drugs, nutrients are not lost.

4, the heat pump dryer does not need to be on duty, can fully control the time, temperature, humidity, and safety and energy saving without pollution. It can simulate natural drying to a maximum degree, and the drying temperature is below 80 degrees, minimizing the loss of the drug. Improve the quality of herbs.

In addition to the drying of Chinese herbal medicines, high-temperature heat pump dryers can also be used to dry honeysuckle, nasturtium, chrysanthemum, astragalus, salvia miltiorrhiza, ginseng, codonopsis, habitat, rehmannia, atractylodes, mulberry and so on.