· Opel Adam is expected to be incarnate in Buick's new car in 2018


Opel's next-generation compact car, Adam, is expected to be on the Buick logo and sold in the US, but it may take at least another three years.
The Opel brand has developed the three-door sports car Adam in recent years, aiming to compete with the Fiat 500 and BMW MIINI for the market and to be listed in Europe in 2013. Recently, Duncan Aldred, the US vice president of GM's Buick and GMC brands, said that Opel Adam is indeed expected to become a Buick small car and is seeking a shortcut to the Buick lineup. It is expected to "create a great Buick." ".
However, Duncan Aldred admits that there are still some problems to be solved. Adam is not developed for the United States, so it is costly to modify the design of the current model. It implies that the future Adam model will be designed for the US market.
According to the normal model renewal cycle, the next generation of Opel Adam will come out in 2018, foreign media speculate that Buick Adam (possibly changing the car name) will be after this.
Opel Adam is priced at $15,500 in Europe.